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WhereIsMyBeer is developed by Maxime Defrancq, a french web developer and beer lover, for the beer lovers.

The app is in beta, if you notice a bug or have any remarks, please contact me !


Why WhereIsMyBeer ?

Have you ever wandered into the city, looking for a nice place to drink good beers, Googling "street beer bar" and obviously found nothing ?

Isn't it frustrating today, not to have access to that kind of simple information ?

Well, as a beer lover, i said no more

Why so few bars ?

Because WIMB is very young !

The database is built with your help; if you know a nice place, you can share it with your fellow beer lovers by registering it through the app. Just like sharing an information on Waze !

Hopefully we'll have a proper database in a few months !

How to add a bar ?

It's very easy, just click on "add a bar", type the name of the bar you want to add, select the draft beers and the advantages and click on submit !

Are you using cookies ?

WhereIsMyBeer does not use cookies or stock any information about you. It's all about the beer !

I encountered a bug...

You can help me improve the app by sending me an email explaining what happened.

I can't find the beer I like !

Damn ! There are so many different beers, that's the beauty of it !

You can send me an email and I will add it to the database.

What's next ?

  • Filter results
  • Accounts, adding a bar to favorite, writing reviews...
  • Complete bar display